Monday, January 09, 2006

Shopping day!

We got a lot of last minute shopping done today. Our guide took care of our Consulate paperwork this morning for us, but we had to wait in our rooms for a fews hours just in case she needed us for something. We got the 'all clear' and off we went . . . .

Mali & her prunes

Peek-a-boo with Grammy

Granite etchings.

We ordered etchings last night & caught this girl working on Ian & Quinn's picture. 3 girls were all sitting in a row etching different pieces - they could not have been older than 13 years of age. It's amazing, & cheap. We paid about $5 (USA) per person.

We're having dinner tnite with our travel group in the hotel. Tomorrow we take our 'red couch' pictures & are sworn in at the Consolate. Then we attempt to pack. Tmrw is our last day here. We leave Wednesday AM at 5:45. It's been fun, but we're ready to go home.

Late post today b/c the hotel internet was down. Apparently technology works just as well in China =)


Blogger -M said...

Mali looks so happy! :) I can't believe your trip is almost over, it flew by!!


2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice etchings. Travel safe.
Love, Coleen

6:07 PM  

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