Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pearl Factory

Pearl shopping was fun - got some pearls to wear for now & some for future occassions. Mali's still a bit restless & a little grouchy, but no more major episodes.

We had dinner at Lucy's tnite & Mali showed us that she can dance. Then we did some shopping.

Mali & the statue outside of Lucy's (the restaurant). Finally caught her smiling.

Mali outside of Lucy's (the store) kicking the hacky sack.
We've got 2 calling cards that will not work. One we just bought this afternoon with all intentions of calling home. It won't work. Now that it's morning & a reasonable hour to call back home, it's too late to go banging on people's doors to see if someone else can hook us up and/or help us call. This happens every night. Now we'll have to wait another 24 hrs to try.
Tmrw is Mali's blessing at the Buddhist Temple.
Gotta run - my night to feed the cockroach ;-)
(just kidding, we haven't seen him since yesterday)


Blogger Sandy said...

Hi - I've recently started following your journey and I'm totally addicted! Mali is beautiful and you are going to have some seriously toned arms from carrying her around!! Thank you for sharing your pics and words as they really help out a newbie like me in the process!

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Allison. I was thinking about you and just caught up with all your activities. What a life-changing experience. I didn't know your mom was going over with you. The jacket looks great on you-- hope it was warm enough. I'm so proud of you. What you're doing is so wonderful. You're truly a special person. I'll keep in touch. Love, Carol

11:57 AM  
Blogger Stephanie V said...

When Mark came home last night he read your China trip from beginning to end and he had a tear in his eye when he finished.

I'm so excited and so happy for you Ali. Your daughter is beautiful and you look so comfortable and happy when she's in your arms. Thank you so much for letting us follow. It's a priceless connection.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She has the cutest outfits. You guys look great together. Miss you. I am totally addicted to your site.
Love, Coleen

4:11 PM  
Blogger Ed and Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing again! Mali looks so happy! How were the pearls? Are they are real shoppers find? Take care and stay warm! My regards to the cockroach... lol

Lisa :)

5:29 PM  
Blogger pinkbubbles said...

Agree... your blog is addictive and I love the pictures!!

Have a safe flight home! Be sure to take some pixs of her on her first plane ride! :D


10:36 PM  
Anonymous michelle said...

Wow.. the "meltdown" - gosh - I truly understand!! Pictures are wonderful - and her smile is the best!!
Be safe! Stay as warm as possible!


8:18 AM  

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