Friday, January 06, 2006

Medical Exam day

It's still very cold here. Mali hates her coat & her hood b/c it restricts her antics. She gets grumpy as soon as we put it on. She passed her exam (it was kinda silly anyway) - only cried when we took her clothes off. There were 3 stations: Weight & measurements, physical exam, and ENT.

She weighs 25 lbs (!)

Clutching her favorite toy - the bag of wipes.

Two of the examiners said, "Oh, very strong baby."

She proved it to us on the 15 minute walk home. Total meltdown - Linda Blair style. She SCREAMED, kicked, arched her back, flipped upside down & writhed for what seemed like forever. She was in the stroller, but I ended up taking her out thinking that's why she was so upset. Nope. She still fought - all the way home. People were staring, but most were kind of giggling. I've been told several times: "Big baby for little girl." That's an understatement - did I mention she weighs 25 lbs? She finally settled down in the room, but it took about 15 more minutes of her wrestling around on the bed, kicking & arching her back. Her bottle settled her down & she's sleeping. I still have no idea why she was so upset . . . bellyache? Maybe. She's still sleeping now. I'm hoping she's in a better mood when she wakes up, otherwise the Pearl factory might not be so fun.


Blogger -M said...

Hang in there! You should have some serious biceps soon at least! ;)


3:15 AM  
Blogger Ford & Alyson said...

Congratulations on getting through the medical exam rather smoothly! So happy for you and that she is healthy! Best wishes for your trip home!

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah lucky for you you've learned from the master on how to handle a kicking and screaming child (esp. when they're asleep - recall Tampa here :)
You're definately in the "crash course" for motherhood my dear, but I have faith in your steadfastness - as far as I'm concerned when you didn't curtsey after the vomit treatment you were fully inducted.

(Get that baby home!)

Cleo the Wise
(a.k.a. Mary)

11:58 AM  
Blogger Ed and Lisa said...

Is she teething maybe? That could explain the grumpies.

How funny that the bag of wipes is her favorite. Isn't that how it always goes? You'll see... lol

Lisa : )

5:31 PM  

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