Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Last day in China

Our 'home' for the past 10 days

Our group 'red couch' photo

Our travel group at the waterfall

At the U.S. Consolate

Busy day - photo shoot in the afternoon followed by our Consolate appointment. The consolate was a lot of waiting, & we stood in a few lines, & then waited some more. A woman came out & addressed the whole room (50+ families) & had us hold up the baby's right hands & recite some type of verse. It was cute =) Then they handed out the Visa's & we were able to leave.

It took us a few hours to pack. We bought one of those cheap suitcases here to pack our purchases in. Low & behold - we actually needed the duct tape. No, not on our mouths . . . the cheap suitcase didn't latch all that well, so we got it to close, locked it, & then circled the suitcase a few times around with the tape. Perfection! I think we got everything in. We'll end up carrying on a lot of the fragile stuff on the plane.

Grammy had a massage tnite at the White Swan - it was reasonably priced & quite an experience. The woman hung from a towel wrapped around a bar on the ceiling (no kidding) & walked around on her back with her feet. I can't get into much more tnite as I'm exhausted & we have to be up at 4:30AM. I was not brave enough to sign myself up for that. She said I missed out . . .

When we arrived here last week, we got to see the White Swan decorated for Christmas. The staff even wore Santa suits. They had a decorated tree near the waterfall - it was amazing. Today we went to breakfast & during the night they had started to decorate for the Chinese New Year - WOW! Huge dragon sitting in the middle of the breakfast buffet, lighted goldfish jumping around the waterfall, & giant lanterns hanging from the ceilings. Absolutely beautiful! We got some pics, but not digital. I'll try to post a few after we get home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, insert tears here. I'll be so glad to have you home. Thanks for letting me live this experience with you.

Glad to know you read the posts, means you have my rock - right?

1:36 PM  
Blogger Stephanie V said...

Holy crap! You needed the duct tape! Mark's going to be STOKED! He loves the stuff, calls it "Alabama chrome"! (sorry to anyone from Alabama, he means well).

2:57 PM  

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