Friday, January 06, 2006

Chen Clan Temple - GZ

Easy day today (finally). We were able to relax a bit this morning, didn't have to meet in the lobby until 9:30am. I've had to wake Mali up every morning since we've been here. She's slept at least 11-12 hrs every night. She's taking a nap now, been bout an hour. It's VERY nice =)

She's such a happy baby, & changes every day. She has also become a little more cooperative, too. She began to babble a lot today. It sounds Chinese & she doesn't really say any words, just makes noises. It's all good, though. That'll come. A few times she woke up crying (SCREAMING) at night, before I went to bed. Full out meltdown . . . mouth wide open, face all scrunched up and volume that the neighbors can hear. And when she stops to breathe, u can see her 'peeking' out one little eye, just cracked enough to see what we're doing LOL

She's grown really attached to a little bunny stuffed animal. She sucks on his ears & bites him. He's looking ragged already. He was supposed to be an orphanage donation, but she loved him too much to give away.

Mali watches me like a little hawk. As long as she can see me, she's ok. If I leave, she cries. She seems to understand when I'm only in the bathroom, etc - but if I walk out the door like I'm leaving the hotel room, her little lip puckers & she cries.

We visited the Chen Clan Temple in GZ this morning for a few hours. It was FREEZING cold. We weren't really prepared for it to be outside. We had the babies wrapped up, but it was still cold. Luckily Mali tolerated her hood. They sold some really neat items & there was a gentleman there who was painting with his hands. You can't really see the picture too well (below), but they were beautiful.

Grammy just went out to buy Mali a warmer outfit. We didn't really have anything for colder weather & it's gonna drop another 10 or so degrees tmrw. Not good shopping weather, we've been hanging out in the room this afternoon.

We found a cockroach in the bathroom earlier. Was just a little one, but the tissue box is now sitting in the middle of the floor. The critter ran in there & Grammy didn't want it on the bathroom counter. I told her there's probably a million more, but she's still creeped out. At least it wasn't a mouse . . . .

I'm still comtemplating posting more orphanage photos. I don't want to invade anyone's privacy. Right now, I don't have any at my immediate access b/c I didn't take any digital pics yesterday. I was videotaping for another family & my Mom has a regular camera (old-fashioned kind with film). I'll see if I can borrow someone else's memory card to post a few modest pics. I'm not really sure if u can really help 'prepare' people to visit orphanages - but I think it might help a bit. The sadness in those little eyes is still pulling at my heart today. It's difficult.

Tmrw I think we have a few appointments (Visa paperwork, maybe?). I try to keep only today's schedule in my mind - otherwise I get overwhelmed. I do know we need to be in the lobby at 10am , good enough for me.


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On a more serious note, maybe these pictures will help more beautiful children find forever families! Wouldnt that be great! If every one who visited your site could talk to others about your journey and inspire others to adopt you have help in more ways than you know!

Kimberly Evans

12:24 PM  

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