Sunday, January 08, 2006

Buddhist Temple

We visited the temple today - was beautiful. Lots of people walking around with platters full of 'offerings' (mainly oranges, apples, & peanuts) & TONS of incense burning. A few people in our group climbed all 9 floors of this building (not me).



Mali was still a bit grouchy today. We attempted to have her blessed at the temple. She pitched a huge fit and I had to take her outside. I'm not sure that the 'heavenly house' would've appreciated all that screaming during the ceremony. As soon as we got outside, she promptly threw up on herself. She was definitely having belly issues. We've been working on altering her diet for the past few days in a attempt to help her out (per the advice of Dr. Jerry). It seems to be helping. Tnite we had a major breakthrough (quite literally). Hopefully tmrw she'll be a bit more comfortable.

Dim Sum lunch

My skills & reaction time are increasing rather quickly. Today at our dim sum lunch, they had no baby seats. When I requested one, they brought me a booster. The problem: the seats were shiny flat (not real cozy) & wood. The booster seat was basically a block of wood. It did not attach to the chair. No straps to tie the baby in, either. We were starving, Mali is constantly wiggling. I had to eat lunch with one hand & attempt to keep Mali sitting on her 'seat' with the other. I was a bit weary by the end of the meal. She didn't fall (although she slid way down a few times & I had to retrieve her) - & nothing was spilled. Wow, huh? The food was good (well, most of it). You never really know what you're eating. Usually, one person at the table tries it & lets everyone else know how it is or what it is. Even the desserts are surprisingly tasty.

** Food tip - if it's got a dry, pasty brown filling & it's kinda sweet, it's probably bean curd.

When we got back from our trip this afternoon, we had to sit with our guide & fill out (nearly 2 hrs worth) of Consulate paperwork. Mali stayed up in the room with Grammy & took her nap.

We ran out this evening to order some custom goods we need to pick up by Tuesday. We've found one shop in particular that we love, I'll post more about it before we leave. Only 2 days left before we begin our journey home.

Mali just fell asleep with bunny hanging out of her mouth. Right before she nodded out, she had one ear in her mouth & one up her nose. She fits right in.

Tmrw: Some quick checking of Consulate paperwork & our Consulate appts in the afternoon.


Blogger Ford & Alyson said...

Man, through it all you seem to be handling everything so great. What an adventure. It's fun following you all. The posting and pics have been fantastic! Hang in there, you'll be heading home soon!!!

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't remember reading about the belly issues but it makes total sense - you have a cranky belly too, guess you two are really made for eachother there - no, just kidding, hope this one gets worked out quick.


(getting a bit restless waiting for your return - man are you going to be TIRED)

7:29 AM  

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